KCBS Sanctioned Backyard BBQ Competition

We are Scott and Lindsay, SCA and KCBS competition cooks hailing from Enfield, Connecticut. Known to travel long distances for the thrill of cooking in new places and meeting new people, we have competed in over 24 states, including Alaska. ‍We compete under the Sinister Steak Company banner for SCA competitions and Sticks & Stones BBQ when working together in BBQ competitions but are affectionately known as “McMac” by our friends and competitors, because of our different but similar last names (McDonald and MacDonald).

Leaning Jowler BBQ is a KCBS Backyard competition team based out of the Williamsport Pennsylvania area. Cooking in 13 competitions this season, pit-masters Josh Yagel and Joe Watkins are looking to make their mark in the Mid-Atlantic region this year.

Better Half Barbecue is a competition barbecue team that started in the fall of 2021 when Lauren decided to break away from her husband’s barbecue team and recruited her parents along for the journey to see if they could make better barbecue than her other half, hence the team name. Based out of the eastern panhandle of WV we compete in backyard events in the mid Atlantic, chasing points for the KCBS and the MABA team of the year standings. We have been fortunate enough to have one grand champion call this year as well as numerous top 3 calls already In 2023 as we compete against some of the best backyard teams in the nation. We are excited to be back in Frostburg for the 2nd year!

Two brothers on an epic journey to figure out the world of BBQ, one rack of ribs at a time.

We take pride in Pinky Out BBQ being a family-run business / team. As a family, we know that autism affects the whole family. My granddaughter Madelyn received her diagnosis at the age of 3. We believe that support is the biggest help for families and individuals facing autism. Thus, we strive to be advocates in this community. To us, autism is where the little things are never little, and every milestone is a celebration. Autism is a journey we never planned for, but we sure do love our tour guide!

Country Boys BBQ  is traveling from Louisa County Virginia. We are a brick in mortar restaurant located at 121 W Main Street Louisa County Va. Along with the restaurant, we travel all over competing in KCBS and Mid Atlantic competitions. JUST SMOKE IT!!

Al’Wright BBQ headed by Cory Wright is a Frostburg local team novice to BBQ competitions with professional-level flavors. Specializing in ribs and steak the team is looking forward to breaking into the public space at the Frostburg First backyard BBQ competition. Win, lose, or draw well continue to perfect our craft and crank out some delicious BBQ. As we like to say…If it’s BBQ then it’s Al’Wright stuff.